What if we loved what we did, every single day?

This lingering question drove long-time friends and colleagues Trevin Spencer and Nick Sackman to relinquish their corporate jobs and create 2Dudes Digital Design, a website development company devoted to building great websites and great relationships.


A flashy website that doesn’t meet your online goals is doomed to fail. Instead of focusing on what “looks cool,” we build every website with a foundation of purpose, strategy, and usefulness (and then we make it look cool, we promise).


When we build websites, we are also building relationships. A website isn’t something you create and forget. A website must be nurtured and cared for, just like a friendship. We build websites, and relationships, for the long term.


Life is too short not to love what you do. We are lucky enough to help businesses achieve their goals by doing what we love. If you need a digital business solution, we believe you will have a better end product if you enjoy the experience.

Spokane Health Website Mocked Up

Phone Mockup

Phone Mockup

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When not hammering on the keyboard and video chatting with clients, you will find these two dudes (and friends) enjoying the great outdoors with their loved ones. In the winter, Trevin is often spotted bombing through a foot of fresh powder at Schweitzer Mountain. In the summer, you might see Nick soaking up the sun before cooling off with a dip in Lake Pend Oreille.

2Dudes provides the professional website services you need without sacrificing kindness, friendliness, and dependability.

Lead Developer / Chief Engineer

Nick Sackman

Eastern Washington University
BS, Computer Engineering Technology

Lead Designer/Starfleet Commander

Trevin Spencer

Eastern Washington University
BA, Visual Communication Design

Let us show you the difference when you have 2Dudes on your side every step of the way.